A downloadable game

FROM BELOW is an action horror roguelike where you fight, cast, and run through a haunted castle.

enter with nothing but a knife and your trusty lantern, which protects you from the horrors of the dark and lets you see in the dim underground, just make sure you keep it filled. Maybe some of these crates will have some? 

find and utilize 40+ weapons and armor to best fit your style, but each run brings new gear, so plan accordingly

Each weapon is unique, with different abilities, do you use the heavy hammer? are does the spear suit you more?

this game was made for the miziziz game jam

Want some to see some gameplay before you download?



WASD to move

MOUSE to look

LEFT click to use

E to interact

Q to drop

MOUSE WHEEL to select

SPACE to jump


left stick - look

right stick - move

left trigger - interact

right trigger - use

shoulder buttons - select

A - jump

X - drop

Install instructions

Unzip the file

launch "miziziz.exe"


WindowsNoEditor (2).zip 460 MB